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"Flowers in the Attic" Artwork

Hey all.

I am planning on making a FITA music video to hopefully reflect more upon the book than the 80's movie did. Look for that soon. :) Until then, I have icons to share.


chris1 by MyTraveler cc9 by MyTraveler cathy1 by MyTraveler

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A Post For Appreciation

This artwork was originally intended solely for HerNameIsErika as a pre-birthday gift, however I decided to also honor some of our other favorite Zoey 101 authors: TheVioletShadow, Underneath All Elsewhere and HeartoftheLullaby. How? With icons of course, dedicated to the authors and their favorite pairings.

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"Closer... Please."

Sorry, I couldn't resist the SOTL quote in the title.

Anywho's ways, new icons for Zoey 101! Be sure to let me know if you like them, and feel free to take any. You can credit either StoriesThatNeverWere, MyTraveler or simply Song. :)

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"Hello Clarice..."

I've caught the Hannibal bug and wanted to put my two cents into this fandom. Summing up my craze quickly: saw "Silence of the Lambs" for the first time last week, was intrigued by Lector (and his chemistry with Clarice), found out there was a sequel, watched that... and from there I was swooning. I'm midway through reading Hannibal, finishing with SOTL just last night. How quickly obsession comes when we have such intriguing material.

I created a music video for my lovely new obsession. I love all comments and criticism.

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Love is Better The Second Time Around...

Just a few new Chola icons. What a fun pairing this is. 


1) cl1 by MyTraveler   2) cl2 by MyTraveler   3) cl3 by MyTraveler


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"The Closer" Gets Closer...

A few icons to share the Brenda-love, as well as the loves of Brenda.

For some reason, I've never cared for Fritz and Brenda together. Perhaps because Fritz is too perfect for her. I prefer her relationships with Gabriel, Flynn and Pope. (The latter being my favorite.) 

If you would like to use any of these icons, please comment and let me know which ones you are taking. :) You can also request icons from any of the pairings listed. I appreciate being credited.

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To Love Means to Trust...

... but do the characters of Wiseguy trust one another? 

This is a new video of my three favorite Wiseguy arcs, put to a Fray song called "Trust Me".

Comments and critisism are very appreciated.

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Ah, Zoey/Logan. Zoey 101 eventually died in quality, but the triangle of Chase/Zoey/Logan made the show angsty and worthwhile. While Zoey and Logan were never *technically* a couple, love/hate relationships feed the fire in fandoms, so in my eyes they were/are most definitely attracted to each other. And here are a few icons to convince you of that: 
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Everything is Numb3rs (DT Tribute)

Besides Megan and Larry, Terry and Don have the greatest chemistry of Numb3rs' characters. While Terry was only in the show for a season, she outweighed all Don's girlfriends. So, I dedicate this video to the couple that should be.

Comments and criticism are appreciated. Have a good day!



God Bless Obsession

New Fan Alert!

I saw this show for the first time three weeks ago, introduced to me by friends who had been collecting the DVD box sets. I sat down to watch and gradually fell head-over-heals in love with Sonny Steelgrave, and his relationship with Vinnie. What a beautiful, funny man he was. And the ending, "No One Gets Out Alive", Holy Cow- *that* is quality television if I've ever seen it.

With the Steelgrave arc over, I thought "It can't possibly get better". Well, I was half-right. The Profitt arc proved just as entertaining, but not in a way that it overshadows the Steelgrave episodes. I loved watching Vinnie grow more as a person, his relationship and analysis of Roger was enjoyable, Frank proceeded to morph into a lovable character, and Mel and Susan Profitt. This is the first incestuous relationship I've seen that made sense. It was demented and insane, but immensely heated and angsty. And I *love* angst.

Anyway, I have plans for videos and fan fiction, but I thought I'd ease into the community with a few icons to show my love.
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